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Our team is composed of renowned professionals whose combined knowledge inspires, motivates, and renews our clients from the inside out. 


Our primary focus is educating our patients on the importance of consistency and the value of daily care to ensure lasting results. 


Our treatments are hand-selected based on research, knowledge, hands-on experience, and innovative technology. 

Our mission is to improve the health, well-being, and personal development of each and every patient by combining and customizing various body and skincare treatments to enhance beauty and confidence.

We care deeply about our clients.  Customer satisfaction and service are priorities. 


Meet the 

Meirielly Teixeira

Passionate about health and wellness, Meirielly acquired a Bachelor's degree in Nutrition from Georgia State University. 

She founded BBS in the hopes of incorporating nutrition and esthetics. After finding that many patients resorted to aesthetic treatments with no guidance on real lifestyle changes. 

With a history in body building, she is passionate about working out, and truly lives the lifestyle she hopes all her patients are able to achieve with her guidance. 

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what our clients are saying...

Rosa Torres

Very professional and knowledgeable! I enjoy my lymphatic massages with Mayra and also my new cryofrequency treatment with Meirielly. Highly recommend this spa!

Aline A.

I wouldn't go any where else... Massages, facials and body treatments. Everything in one place. The best customer service. I've been going here for the last months and have never once had a bad experience. I am grateful for BBS! I definitely recommend it!

Jennifer A.

Office is so beautiful. Makes me feel extremely comfortable right when I walk in. My first time getting service here and everyone was extremely helpful and friendly. Can’t wait for my next session.

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