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post operative care

Leaders in postoperative care in Atlanta, GA , we are specialist in taking care of you during postop. We are not only experienced, but have studied the most innovative methods to optimize your post operative experience with Lymphatic Drainage techniques, taping and more. 

Post-Op Care is tailored to meet the needs of the client. Lymphatic drainage massage is a light massage technique used to reduce recovery time and improve results by reducing swelling caused by accumulated fluid following surgical procedures. 

Post op Manual lymphatic drainage: helps aid in healing and diminish swelling. 

Post-Operative Face & Rehabilitation Treatment- 90 min - $119.00

Include Taping


After a plastic surgery procedure, you may notice hardness, water retention, swell, hematoma or lumpiness to the areas treated which are all normal symptoms after surgery. Postoperative lymphedema is caused by inflammation and trauma and it is very important to use the correct techniques for proper and fast recovery. The channels that are formed by the cannula become filled up with fluid and the tissue around becomes swollen. It is important to do an evaluation when scheduling for a post-operative rehabilitation treatment.


Post-Operative Taping Only - $79


Taping is an elastic and contensive bandage that has been widely used in plastic surgery, bringing numerous advantages to patients in the postoperative period, preserving the mobility of the body and reducing any chances of complications after the surgical procedure.


The taping is used immediately on the patient's skin after the surgery preserving the body's mobility and reducing postoperative complications. The application of taping also offers a number of benefits to patients, such as more comfort and reduced pain during surgery recovery.

The use of taping also helps to control and reduce edema (swelling) and prevent ecchymosis (the purple that appears on the skin after surgery). Another benefit of taping application is the reduction in the number of postoperative therapy sessions, in addition to the decrease in the appearance of fibrosis (scarring that forms internally after surgery).

There are still some basic guidelines for the use of taping, the main recommendation is not to wet the bandage until it is removed, which can take 3 to 5 days after application. If the taping is wet, it is possible to dry it with a warm dryer.

Another key guideline, of course, involves the removal of taping from patients. Removal of the bandage is performed by esthetician’s specialized in this technique, in order to ensure complete safety of recovery from the surgical procedure.

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