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Revitalize Your Silhouette with Premier Butt Enhancement Treatments at Brazilian Beauty Spa in East Cobb, Marietta

Achieve Toned and Sculpted Perfection with Brazilian Beauty Spa Treatments


Welcome to Brazilian Beauty Spa, your premier destination in East Cobb, Marietta, for cutting-edge butt enhancement treatments. In today's world, where self-confidence and body positivity are paramount, many seek butt enhancements to achieve a fuller, more sculpted look that aligns with their personal beauty goals. At Brazilian Beauty Spa, we understand these aspirations and offer a range of specialized treatments tailored to your unique needs.

Our signature Brazilian Bumbum procedure utilizes advanced injectables, providing a natural and voluptuous enhancement without the need for surgery. This treatment is perfect for those desiring a significant yet natural-looking boost in their silhouette. For those seeking a non-invasive approach, our Butt Pump treatment offers an immediate lift and shape enhancement, using vacuum therapy to stimulate muscles and improve the skin's appearance. Lastly, EM Sculpt stands at the forefront of technology, employing electromagnetic energy to tone muscles and sculpt your buttocks, delivering remarkable results that both look and feel natural.



Using the most advanced High Intensity Electromagnetic Energy Technology, the motor neurons in the muscles are directly stimulated with high frequency and high magnetic force to induce the muscles to produce extreme contractions. This kind of contraction is an intensity that cannot be achieved by ordinary exercise. One treatment is equivalent to 20,000 maximum muscle contractions, which ultimately increases muscle mass, making the muscles stronger and clearer. At the same time, it can accelerate the decomposition of fat, effectively reduce the fat cells, and will not appear the phenomenon of loose skin after fat loss, helping patients to achieve a slimmer and more athletic body contour.

$175 per session

Package with 6 session per $799

30 min


At Brazilian Beauty Spa in East Cobb, Marietta, our Butt Pump Lift offers a revolutionary approach to enhancing and sculpting the curves of your buttocks. Utilizing the advanced technique of Vacuum Butt Therapy, this non-invasive treatment is the epitome of efficiency in adding shape and volume to your glutes. The procedure employs gentle suction to stimulate muscle and tissue, promoting a natural lift and expansion. With its ability to refine shape, increase volume without surgery, and improve skin texture, the Butt Pump Lift is ideal for those seeking a significant yet natural enhancement with minimal downtime.


Tailored to meet your unique aesthetic goals, this treatment at Brazilian Beauty Spa is your pathway to achieving a fuller, more contoured silhouette, empowering you with renewed confidence and a refreshed appearance.


Starting at $3600 Brazilian Bumbum will improve the shape, add volume, and correct divots in the buttocks. This is a dermal filler treatment that offers a non-surgical solution for butt lift enhancement. The unique formula includes Calcium Hydroxylapatite microspheres, which offer an immediate volume boost. Notably, these fillers stimulate natural collagen production, providing a long-lasting, natural effect.

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